Debt Help Limited is a private company offering debt advice and solutions to people struggling with debt. We speak to many clients every month who want to do something about their unmanageable debts. We offer a listening ear and friendly conversation, providing you with sound debt advice and offering a variety of debt solutions, both formal and informal.
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Introduced into legislation as part of the Insolvency Act in 1986, IVA's have become a very popular way for people to deal with their personal unsecured debt problems, but what is an IVA, and how does it work?


Bankruptcy is a debt solution for people who are unable to pay their unsecured debt each month. People entering bankruptcy will have more unsecured debt than equity in any other assets.


A DMP is an informal agreement between you and your creditors for paying back your non-priority debts. Non-priority debts are things like credit cards, loans and store cards.


A debt relief order (DRO) is a way to have your debts written off if you have a relatively low level of debt and have few assets.


No upfront fees – Saving you time and money

We are one of the only IVA companies who do not charge upfront fees. Paying any provider upfront fees will only cause a delay your IVA being accepted and cost you extra money that is completely unnecessary. If your IVA is rejected you will lose this money. WITH OURSELVES YOU DO NOT PAY UPFRONT FEES EVER!

High acceptance rate

Our panel of Insolvency Practitioners aim to have an amazing acceptance rate for IVAs proposed. We know any IVAs they propose will have a great chance of being accepted. They also fight very hard for every client to make sure their IVA proposal is carefully considered by the creditors. The proposals will always be based on something that is affordable and because of this every IVA we propose will be unique.

Fast set up

We get to work on your case immediately. Our panel of Insolvency Practitioners can have your IVA in place in little as 4 weeks.

Excellent Customer Service

We have an excellent customer care team. We are a friendly run company and our advisors are highly trained and will be able to answer any question quickly and professionally.


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